Professor Jerry Ratcliffe is a criminologist at Temple University who has done extensive applied research in agencies across the United States but most recently, he's becoming quite well known for his Reducing Crime podcast series. In the 40 plus episodes, he's had frank and open discussions with some of the leading voices in and around American (and global) Policing on a wide range of topics. I'm a fan of the podcast in general but the latest episode features a chat over coffee with retired Philadelphia Commissioner Charles Ramsey and is, IMHO as the kids say, 45 minutes of essential listening for anyone passionate about making this public safety thing work in our communities. An experienced voice of reason who provides context to the discussion, I think that police leaders, community advocates, and everyone in between will find that the Commissioner makes a lot of sense. I recognize that podcasts are not everyone's cup of tea but maybe give this episode a try.

Posted by Stuart Greer at 2021-12-08 22:07:42 UTC