Yesterday morning, my colleague Dr. Cory Haberman announced the launch of the Public Safety Research Center at the University of Cincinnati. This exciting new venture aims to brings together criminal justice and community leaders to jointly develop a framework designed to reduce crime and build police legitimacy. Building upon existing evidence, their “Precision Policing 2.0” framework includes the key tenets of using evidence-based crime and disorder prevention, community engagement and protection, transparency and accountability, and officer performance, safety, and wellness. I had the honor of contributing my voice to the launch of this effort with a short blog piece entitled "Criminal investigations and the art of the interview; Has investigative interviewing kept up with the science?" I submit that the pathway to effective and legitimate police investigations must start with interviewing protocols that are based upon sound science and suggest that our Police leaders have a duty to understand this critical area. It was a pleasure to be involved with the launch of such an exciting new venture and I look forward to participating as it continues to grow and evolve.

Posted by Stuart Greer at 2022-02-08 18:45:46 UTC