Public Service includes police and fire protection, public education, mail delivery, transportation, and other infrastructure. Citizens rely on public administration and services to support their freedoms. The world is rapidly changing, and the public sector is working to adapt to the global environment. According to the National Academy of Public Administration, there are “12 Great Challenges to Public Administration” that must be further developed, starting with: 1️⃣ Protecting Electoral Integrity and Enhance Voter Participation 2️⃣ Modernizing and Reinvigorate the Public Service 3️⃣ Developing New Approaches to Public Governance and Engagement 4️⃣ Advancing National Interests in a Changing Global Context 5️⃣ Fostering Social Equity Which of these 5 issues have you worked to evolve? Comment down below!

Posted by Maryam Kassim at 2022-07-18 20:05:46 UTC