Burglaries and thefts are often crimes of opportunity with thieves taking advantage of unsecured doors and windows to steal items left unattended or out in plain view. The Montpelier (VT) Police Department regularly receives reports of preventable crimes, such as unsecured vehicles accessed and items of value taken. This year, we join police departments throughout the country in a public safety campaign aimed at promoting crime prevention strategies to reduce and prevent thefts from vehicles and homes. This campaign, known as the “9 P.M. Routine,”encourages residents to conduct security checks at their homes and vehicles each evening to ensure their property is secure. How Does One Participate in the 9 P.M. Routine? Set a reminder on your phone or device at 9 P.M. (or earlier) each evening and ensure the following tasks have been completed: - Vehicles, residences, garages, windows, gates, sheds have been locked - Exterior lights, security cameras, alarm systems have been activated - Valuables from vehicles (including keys), yards, and patios have been brought inside By participating in the #9PMRoutine, residents can help reduce the opportunity for residential burglaries and thefts.

Posted by mphilbrick at 2022-10-13 15:45:41 UTC