Previously submitted to the National Bulletin Board: “While we can certainly improve some aspects of our respective training programs, use of force policies, and internal paradigms, we must also better educate the public about Use of Force and Search and Seizure issues that officers encounter on nearly every contact, stop, and investigation. I would like to see more agencies work with community leaders to explain the legal basis of our intrusions into 4th Amendment protections, demonstrate the practice needed for such, and engage in a dialogue about the limitations, shortcomings, and consequences of alternatives. These projects should also include role-playing use of force interactions that (hypothetically) place police detractors in an officer's duty boots and force immediate, reactive decisions.” - Anonymous o Do you believe this type of “insider information” regarding the workings of law enforcement would help the public better understand some of the decisions law enforcement professionals make? o What could such a project actually look like? How could such an experience be most helpful for all involved? o If your local community offered this type of program, would you participate? Why or why not? Read more about the original Bulletin Board here:

Posted by Christopher Mitchell at 2021-07-08 23:23:16 UTC