Previously submitted to the National Bulletin Board: "Racism, hate, discrimination, and the like, are not ideas any of us are born with. They are ideas that are taught to us. To really bring most community members and law enforcement together, it needs to be taught very early on. Leaving this up to a parent or guardian of a young child is not always going to work, as that parent or guardian may have been taught the very things we do not want them to learn. It should and needs to become part of the education curriculum from day 1. Just like learning how to write your name, tie your shoe, or cross the street, children should learn who LE is and why we have them. I commend our ROs that are in our schools but, it needs to be more than an officer in a HS in a school district that can fund it. We need to invest in our children's education including the history of LE and it needs to begin from day one.” - Anonymous o What are pros/cons to formalizing law-enforcement education in schools? o How early should children begin learning about the role of law enforcement? o What topics should be taught surrounding law enforcement (e.g., history of American policing, use of force, de-escalation, community policing, etc.)? o How effective could this be if it became part of public school curriculum? Could this be ineffective? Learn more about the original Bulletin Board here:

Posted by Christopher Mitchell at 2021-08-03 22:41:44 UTC