Knowing that many CALEB members are not traditional "finance people," I wanted to give y'all some background info on the organization I work for, the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA). GFOA has been around since 1906. We have more than 21.000 members across the US and Canada. Our mission is to advance excellence in public finance. I work specifically on many of our budgeting initiatives. I believe developing a local government's budget should not only be the responsibility of the finance or budget department, but rather a collaborative effort by all departments with input from the community and approval of the governing body. I'm particularly interested in how we can approach public safety budgeting in a more productive manner and throughout this week, I'll be sharing some resources on these topics. If anyone has questions or comments or just would like to talk to bounce ideas back and forth, please reach out!

Posted by keludwig at 2021-10-25 17:50:43 UTC